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Prearrange a Funeral or Cremation

More and more families are considering pre-arranged services where important decisions are made in advance of need. Prearranging protects those you love from having to make major decisions alone at their time of grief, and it gives you peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be carried out.

Besides easing the many decisions for survivors, prearrangement also relieves your family of escalating costs after you are gone. Obviously the price will increase as time goes on, but the money set aside will grow in a like fashion. You will have our guarantee on that fact. Our program allows you to pre-pay your clearly identified funeral or cremation statement of expense at today's cost, and we guarantee that at that future time of need, for those same services, we will charge that current rate but only up to the amount set aside and its earnings. It is your account set aside in insurance or trust to beat inflation.

Our competent prearrangement counselors can assist you in selecting the prearrangement plan that will meet your needs. To begin pre-planning now, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to make an appointment, send you more information or keep your information on file.

To request more information, please click here.

To print "Life's Passages Portfolio" - a full guide to the funeral planning process, please click here and call us to make an appointment to review your information with us.